• Understanding clients and become a startegic partner

Welcome to KAP Irwanto, Hary dan Usman


KAP Drs. Irwanto, a registered public accountant was formed in Year 1993 as the great response for assisting business society challenging various issues in business activities that need a professional touch. In Year 2017, the firm changed its name into KAP Irwanto, Hary dan Usman (IHU Firm).

For the need of high quality services for clients, we maintain to perform services based on respective client’s problems and objectives. Supporting by high professional personnel and strongly understand of client’s business entities, we will be able to share significant contributions for enhancing client’s business performance and efficiency.

Our commitment for providing excellent services reflected on the increasing demand upon our services from several business entities in field of banking, manufacture, mining, timber industry, insurance, hospital and health care, telecommunication, non-profit organization, trading, services, etc.

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